Word from your homeboy

Hey folks, Matthew here! LoveLock's lead shooter / CineMate's editing workhorse. Neigh!!

I started my foray into filmmaking back in January 2014 after becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of DSLR filmmakers in Glasgow's music scene- as a musician I was always on the look out for people to film my band, so I decided to take it upon myself. I started offering my services to local bands, and found myself becoming more and more interested with the technical aspects of cameras and cinematography. I volunteered myself to shoot my cousin's wedding (I had no idea what I was getting myself into) and found the work immensely demanding, but infinitely rewarding- I have never had to work so hard in my life! 

I started to advertise my services online, picking up weddings and shooting them solo- I had no idea how deep I was throwing myself in, but don't regret a thing. I learned so many lessons from those first few jobs- quite possibly costing my heart irreparable stress-related damage! I was then picked up by an Asian wedding pro who taught me a lot, before landing an internship with CineMate back in summer 2014. I was hired to edit their raw wedding footage for 3 days a week, which turned out to be the best possible job for me to learn the trade- when I wasn't sifting through their footage and picking up their secrets, I was quizzing the two on their seemingly infinite amounts of filmmaking knowledge!

So here we are; two and a half years and who-the-hell-knows however many weddings later- 2016 wedding season: we're coming after you!!